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Parents from NW Activities Center classes:

  • "AMDA is a very positive influence in my child’s life.  She loves this dance class and she’s learning not to be so shy."
  • "Makayla looks forward to coming and learning new dance steps.  This class helps to sharpen her listening skills. "
  • "AMDA has shown my daughter an effective way to spend her energy.  She has been dancing since birth and now has form and structure.  I trust she will pick up some of Amiya’s strengths, character and grace."


"Amiya, I am so very proud of you and it doesn't matter if I know you or not.  Your story is inspiring to us all.
May God continue to bless you in all you do."

Terry Free


"I have a 7 year old daughter that loves to dance. She currently is in a dance class. I was so impressed to see and read the information about Amiya's Dance Bus."

Lashawn Gray


"This story was a breath of fresh air.  What an amazing young woman.  Kudos to you mom, it's all because of you.  You are an incredible mom, and wish I could be half the mom you are to your beautiful daughter.  I have an incredible feeling that this dream of Amiya's will be with us for a long time.  Congratulations young lady, you are a Role Model to many."

Good Luck


"YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME NOT ONLY TO CONTINUE  to reinforce positive values in my 7 year old but introduce her to a whole new world and a special little lady named Amiya. Thanks Amiya you have really touched my heart. Keep up the WONDERFUL work."



"Wow!  Amiya... I'm so proud of you. I always knew you would be successful in whatever you chose; I just didn't think it would be at 10 years old. Congratulations!"

Mrs. Beresh
Amiya's 3rd grade teacher


"I just seen your clip on Fox 2, and I think that you're absolutely amazing! I have a 4 year old little girl that I would love to learn from you. Are you only in the Detroit area? I am in the in Ann Arbor area and if you're not in my area  I would gladly bring her to you. Once again you are amazing!!!"



"I just wanted to say KUDOS!!!! And I think your daughter is PHENOMINAL.  I’ve seen the bus on Southfield FwyJ and wondered what did “Amiya’s Mobile Dance Bus” consist of?  Now I know! Tell Amiya to keep up the good work!!!  Just plain WONDERFUL!"

Tiesha Norman
Asst. Human Resources Administrator

"I watched the feature about your company this morning on Fox2 and are so proud and excited about this venture and your future aspirations.  I wish you much continued success."

Warm regards,
Leslie Robinson


"I viewed your story on FoxTV2 on Tuesday evening's 10:p.m. newscast. I am so impressed with you and your mom for creating something so innovative for our youth.

Do you participate in any speaking engagements? I would love to have you speak/promote your business at the Detroit Public Library Edison Branch. Other young children would be blessed to hear your story.

Again, I am happy for your success."

Happy Dancing,
Charolette A. Brooks
Office of Public Affairs


"I saw your vision on the 10:30pm NEWS and how you along with your mother and I'm sure others made it all come to life.  Keep up the good work and continue in your education in the medical field in studying how our bodies work."

God Bless you in your endeavors,
Runner For Christ Ministries  (
Sheila Overall, Administrator


"I just saw you on Fox 2 News.  I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you to keep up the good work.  You are a very talented and inspiring girl.  May God Bless You in all your endeavors."

Enoabasi Udoroh


miya’s Ambition……
is to have a strong desire not only for myself, but for my students to succeed in the world of dance. Along with the strong support from God first, my administrative staff, my artistic staff, Board of Directors, parent volunteers, and donors that have joined AMDA in pursuit of its mission to develop creativity, discipline, motivation, and self-confidence that all children need to conquer the challenges in today’s society.

Mobile Miracle……
this is truly a work of art to be the first and only Mobile Dance School which was founded by Amiya Alexander a nine year old dancer. Amiya wanted to share her talents in all areas focusing on under served communities to allow children the opportunity to receive quality dance instructions and exposure, at a reduced rate to the dance world around us.

Dance Diversity…….
in AMDA new dancers will be instructed to embrace ballet and tap dance. As our program progresses the young artists will learn the rich cultural traditions of many dance styles like modern, African, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Jazz, Lyrical, and Salsa. AMDA will extend an invitation to children of all nationalities to share/teach their cultures’ style of dance.

Academy Accomplishments……
in AMDA students are expected to achieve both artistically as well as academically. The discipline and self-confidence that will be taught to our students will assist the new dancers in becoming well rounded young citizens, who will understand what it takes to be a successful leader in both the arts and in society!

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